I completely dislike hearing someone saying that we
don’t change. It’s just ignorant.
But that is me being human, to feel in this way.
We as humans are constantly evolving and learning, as
we get older & grow.
Old life lessons present themselves all the time, but
depending on what we have been through and the time
that has passed, we see the solution with new eyes.
Because we are not the same person of
I am learning a lot about people and myself at
the moment and also being retaught to accept others
for who they are and not for what I want them
to be. Just because they don’t have my vision or are
interested in it, does not make them love
me any less.
When I was younger this would make me so angry
and I would feel betrayed. But now I am much older,
I see the same life lesson with a different
heart & mind.

Written by Issa


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