Nothing is What it Seems…


Looking in their window

It looks so beautiful and perfect, that a touch of envy creeps into places of my being that I don’t want there.
Guilt also accompanies it, with saddening thoughts of my own life.

Wow they have the perfect home, adventurous life,
Great couple who are also best friends and no financial problems.
But what I don’t know about them is that
they are perfect strangers, because after half a decade of marriage,
they changed. They both grew in different directions.

He grew left and she grew right.
Perhaps they did not have “all” the important talks,
to make sure they wanted the same things for their future together
or maybe they did and were not honest with themselves
so, definitely not with each other. Many little things began chipping away
at their house years ago and they did not notice,
being the couple who traveled and laughed and always looked
lovingly into each others eyes.

But what were they actually seeing? Did she see unconditional love
and safety for the rest of her life
when she took her vows? Did he see unconditional love
and safety when he took his vows?
The answer is yes they did, but they did not know
what it meant.

So now as I look into the windows of someone else house
I don’t have envy, guilt and I am not sadden of the thoughts of my own life, I just feel relieved.

Written by Issa


3 thoughts on “Nothing is What it Seems…

    1. hahahaha…. I must confess, a few months ago my husband pissed me off, so being passive-agressive I wrote this and emailed it to him. His response was, to ask me if I wrote it about friends of ours and he actually named the couple,**BlankStare**. hahaha

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