Controlling The Game



You ever find your life, spinning out of control?
You ever find yourself, disappointed in yourself?
When alone, have you ever thought, “This is not what my life ,is supposed to be like”!
You ever thought, “what am I doing ???”

Well, in my years on this earth, all theses questions and more have crossed my mind. I have been in situations in Life that I did not see a way out of… I have been so lost that …dark thoughts creeped in……
But, you never know what ,Life has in store for you.
Remember you only know what you have experienced, so if your are a controlling person like me, it is harder work for you, to Let go and Let Live….

Those who know me personally, know what I have have always said….
“ Life, is the greatest game, you will ever play, you just have to get thru it the best way you can without quitting, to win!”

Being as controlling as I am, I would have never imagined my life as it is now, where I am living and how ….  It goes to show, how Powerful, Prayer and True thought really is…..  I say prayer because, for me prayer is manifestation. This is something I learned, when I was very young and needed protection, I would pray or would have repeated thoughts in my mind.

Over and over again, chanting the same words till it came into existence……

I really can’t tell you who is truly listening to us, but I know it is always a higher conscience of love.  As hard as it may seem at the moment, you must persevere ahead. Like an extreme task, that at the end, the reward you reap, will be unimaginable.
I know it’s hard.  I could never have thought of this life I have now 10 years ago.

It could never have been fathomed.

We all have our place on this earth, I have been fortunate to have found mine for the time being, yes I did say for the time being, cause we never know.
I feel The Mother Earth is our home, as we are a Race of Humans. It is our job to Meet, Travel, See, try to Understand, as many Human Beings as possible, before our transition from this plane we live in.

I Manifested\Prayed\Meditated on the world I see and live right now. This does not mean, I have to stop working on myself because, “I feel”, I have gotten to a Peaceful and Comfortable place in my life. Because as I said before….

The Game\Life….is still in play.

Written by Issa


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