Happy or Unhappy, Valentine?

image-2-14-17-at-3-39-pmWhat is your expectation?

Personally, Valentine’s Day, is strange. There are so many expectations,on one hand there is love, flowers, chocolates, dinners and togetherness.
On the other hand there is fights, loneliness, waisted money and disappointments. The expectations on this day are high, and I find it has become so commercial.
At one time in my life I worked in a flower shop. This was the most dreaded holiday of the year because our work began two weeks early, ending with 10 to 14 hour days just to prepare for this one day.
Though I am in a loving relationship I prefer not to celebrate it at all.

Until one day I read somewhere a beautiful thing.

That in Slovenia, Saint Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers, pilgrims and good health. Valentine’s Day, is the time to celebrate the beginning of field work, plants, flowers and “the overall growth” of all living things. Though it is in February, Saint Valentine marks the beginning of Spring.


That left me with a beautiful expectation of Saint Valentines Day.

written by Issa



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