Unknown art of Miles Davis dangerous minds

Blood Parent, Step-Parent, Adoptive Parent. Surrogate Parent.

who has unconditional love and support for you,
is the most nurturing, beautiful positive love to
help grow a human being.

I was fortunate to have this, though it came in my early thirties, this
Step-Adoptive-Surrogate Parent who I called “Ma” formed
me, rebirth me. She saw me, like really saw into me. She did
not always agree with me or like what I was doing but she had
love and respect for me, and taught me how to have
love & respect for myself.
She loved me, unconditionally.

The most terrible sadness is when this Parent Transitions to another realm without warning. Even after 2 years my sadness is gripping.
You were so much more than a parent, you were my best friend too.
I had no secrets from you. Because your love
was unconditional.

Written by Issa

For Ma, I know how you loves Miles Davis


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