Unconditional #2

To all my fellow writers, I have a question for you.
When is Unconditional Love a must?
I thought it was an easy question to answer, especially
being a mother myself.
answer: Parent for their child.
But then after, reflection a bit. I thought about it and there are
many parents that do have conditions for their love.
please tell me your thoughts.

An insight/afterthought I had, below in comments:


8 thoughts on “Unconditional #2

  1. I woke up in the wee hours and began thinking on this post I wrote above. I have unconditional love for more than a handful of people in my life. Some are family and others are friends that I think of as family. This means, even if we might have a fight and not talk for a few days, my love for them will overshadow what ever disagreements we might have had. Perhaps, they might even feel different but that does not change how I feel about them.
    Thinking more on this, when I was young I did not have unconditional love for anyone and I was proud of that. I thought it made me strong, but now I feel stronger to feel unconditional love for others.

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    1. True, but you know. I think that for myself it might had to be a thing of feeling safe finally in my life and develop true love for myself I think to be able to give it to others. Because at this moment when thinking on it, I also was very self abusive as well but did not realize it then.
      Kate, Thank You for reading it and giving me your thoughts on it. I really means a lot.

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  2. I definitely think that there are some people in my life who are simply easier to love unconditionally. Whether this is because of the light in their souls or how deeply I love and respond to their humanness I am not sure. I have a hard time envisioning circumstances that would make me not offer my own children unconditional love but I suppose that it would be possible under the right extreme circumstances. I always try to treat people the way I would like to be treated and generally judge others less harshly than I judge myself. I try to follow the Quaker value of seeing that of god in everyone.

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  3. I would like to say…. Wow! And one thing I am in awe of is the opinion of others. I say this because, though I might think of myself as a “Know it all” …. I do this by also considering the opinion of others because, may times other people with whom i like to listen to, see a situation through eyes i don’t have, but respect. This has always been a thing that has helped me navigate through life. My religion is “Issaizm”, one i made up myself that has 2 simple rules. One, treat others like I would like to treated and Two, try and be as honest as possible. From those 2 rules there are many branches. I like the Quaker value and am so happy to have met you, bravedandreckless along with Elaine and Kate above. I do honestly love finding minds, that think in different angles than myself but i have respect for. Thank you again for your response.
    Braveandreckless, I love the fact you are in a creative writing class and if I did not live in a foreign country I would join one as well, this here on wordpress is like my class. I appreciate your body of work that you present, Thanks.


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