Tiger Balm (rojo)


I am laying these word down because my sister told me to write!

It started a few days ago, I must have slept wrong cause I woke up with the worst pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder that went down my arm. I took Ibuprofen and had to go along with my day because I had plans.
I actually thought that when I went to sleep that night the pain would be gone the next day. No, I woke and it was still there and maybe a little worse, so today I rubbed arnica all over my left side of neck, shoulder and arm and went on my day, taking my arnica in tow. I don’t do well with pain and that night I took some ibuprofen before bed time and a shot of Jack Daniels w/honey, sipping it slowly before going to sleep.
That night I had started a dream that, I was in a home. A big house made of wood with many floors and stairs, this house needed cleaning especially down in the basement area. There were other people there as well, but I did not know them. Long dream short, my Ma (step-mother who transitioned 2 years ago) appeared, she was not pleased that there were people in her home, poking through things and trying to clean and most of all throw things away. She kept telling me, “Issa not that, I need that there.” I told her that she did not need these things anymore, especially some stupid big sticks that I had in hand to throw away. She said she needed them to plant some potatoes, and she was getting stronger. Then she showed me how now she could knock things over, by swatting at some marbles and crystal stones that were on a table and they went flying. I was impressed because she was in her spirit form. All of the sudden she yelled at me to turn over because my neck will be sore.
At this point I kinda woke up but not completely because she was still with me, she told me to go to my closet and get the Tiger Balm. So sleepily I got out of bed and went to the closet and got the Tiger Balm, mind you it is something I bought months ago, while on vacation in Spain and never ever used. She was still in my ear and told me to spread it on my neck and shoulder and arm using only one hand, “Issa, please don’t start rubbing your eye cause you know how you are.” With that I woke up completely.
Standing in my bathroom with this Tiger Balm that I bought on one of my vacations but never used. I went to the kitchen got a drink of water and suddenly had this immense and overwhelming love that struck me for my sister, that at 4:30 am i had to text her to let her know how much I Love Her. She lives in New York and 6 hrs behind me (I live in Italy) then I went back to bed.
Had a normal day yesterday with the gym, cooking, housework and a bit of blogging, but this morning I woke up and realized that my 3 day sore neck & shoulder was gone, matter of fact it was gone yesterday but I did not notice till this morning.
Thank you so much Ma, for still looking out for me.
I Love You Dearly.


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