The Quickening

It comes so fast that even if
you want to stop it……
you can’t…
It is a rush, that hurts…
no control….. no control….
I try to hold back the tears…..
I try to keep that hard lump
from forming in the pit of my throat….
Swallowing is so hard, it hurts…..
My eyes, my eyes
are stinging, swollen and HOT!
Why is this happening to me?
I know the rebirth is coming,
but to get there is so hard. …
Will I make it, will I?…
Please, please
don’t let me give in…
I don’t want to go through this again
from the beginning.
Suck it up girl
open your arms
spread your wings
and take the pain, like
The Angel
The Woman
The Queen
that you are.
Feel the fire inside
feel it slicing through you

feel the heat of your passion
sealing the wound shut,
as quick as it cuts.
It is just another wound
battle scar
that you can call your own.
You felt it
you endured it
you have earned it
fair and square.

Don’t be afraid to let it show.
Own it, it is your
Be proud
of your scars
and own them.
They make you
who you are.

Written by Issa

Painting by Neith Nevelson



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