What has kept me sane, all my life, are my Strong High Walls! Perhaps that is why I love the region of Italy where I live, its full of medieval villages and castles. With strong walls that have protected the old village within for centuries.

I have been a Medieval Castle all my life with my wondrous world within my walls, that has kept me sane. I felt that I could let my drawbridge down and stake a stroll in the woods near by without locking up. My neighbor with whom we have always been friendly but have different views on life said they would keep an eye out from their watch tower……..Boy, I was wrong.

I had no idea of the envy my neighbor hid from me all these years. They have been patiently waiting, with smiles and flags of peace towards me all these years, just for this precise moment.

“Ha, she has lowered her drawbridge and has trusted me to watch over her castle.”
I got back with flowers and berries I picked to share with my sweet neighbor……..and was left in total Loss & Shock.

They strolled across my drawbridge while I was out, and did a ClockWorkOrange within my walls.

4 thoughts on “Disbelief….

  1. Ouch sounds like you were really violated! Did they really do that much damage?

    Running isn’t the answer. You have those heirlooms to tie you down so that you have to explore different ways of dealing with this. Your marriage sounds strong, so does he have your back? Will he support you through this? Neighbour needs to be held responsible and accountable and you have to do it … good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this challenge.

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    1. thank you…. I’m working through it and learning that sometime people are ignorant with closed minds and want to destroy what they don’t understand…. thank you again for your concern…. ugh life is such a learning process that is continual

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