She is Immersed in Pain

This past week my step-mother lost her father to another, universal plain. She is immersed in pain, especially today because it is her birthday. I know there is nothing happy about it as I see on FaceBook all the, Happy Birthday wishes.

for Kathy:

We as humans are extremely spiritual,

births are important, especially the time.

We all have powers, it only depends on how in-touch

you are with yours.

She is also very spiritual,

I know that today around the time of her birth, I would give

at least one hour before and after

She would be able to feel her fathers love,

from behind the Vail of the Universal Plain

from where he transcended to.

Her gift will be to feel his presents and love,

while his wife was in labor and he expecting his child to

come into this world.

The joy of seeing her, holding her for the first time.

And his euphoria of proudness of being a


via Daily Prompt: Immerse


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