???‘Involvement’ and ‘Commitment’???

I don’t know if it is bad of me to say this about myself but…….

I actually have an extremely hard time with commitment.

After 47 years on this earth I still can’t actually commit to many things fully.

I do try, but somewhere I fall to the wayside and fizzle out or get sidetracked.

I read a daily prompt of someones here on “Commit” and they wrote.

“The difference between ‘involvement’ and ‘commitment’ is like an eggs and ham breakfast; the chicken was involved – the pig was committed.”

Then they had examples of marriage, children and adopting animals. Well after reading their post I realized I have been just involved so I guess I am a chicken.

They also wrote how “Committed they are to their marriage through the good and bad, how not giving up on their children and if they adopt a dog not taking it back to the shelter and so on.. these are all things I have done.

But I also must add that I have been committed to my self healing and life so I am a better woman for my daughter and husband and if I was just involved I would not have gotten to who I am today. A woman who is strong and someone many people trust and love.

So I wold just like to write that I have committed to self healing and being involved in life. And maybe the Ham is no as good without the Eggs.


via Daily Prompt: Commit

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