Feeling blessed and …..


 Feeling blessed and able to share blessing is how my day has begun.

I woke up on my own

laid in bed stretching.

picked up the house

got dressed to go walking.

Had a beautiful 50 min walk on a trail

full of flowers

growing in fresh soil

running river, sunlight and shade.

Picked up salmon stakes at the store.

While leaving saw a woman in distress, car trouble

I helped.

I parked and helped her push the car to the side of the road so not to cause traffic. I was surprised at people who did not stop to see if she was alright, but they honked their horn because she was in the way.

Stopped at a bar

got a fresh squeezed orange juice.

Got another, just to hit the spot.

Driving home

thinking on how to

prepare the salmon for lunch,

feeling the sunlight on my arm

feeling blessed and ……..

passing it on.



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