Thoughts on Birth & Death and our Human Soul!

Is life something that happens or is it givine?

We are here in the plane
while we are here
 we go through many different things physically & emotionally
…. BUT ....
The physical is alway intertwined with the emotional.

How to deal with and understand what is going on around us

Lessons learned in one life
 makes us all the quicker and better in our next life ......
....some say....?.

When we, humans are going through a super tough patch,
 the best thing to do is just .......
........................ ..
........... .sit........
...... still ..................
and begin to listen to our inner selves deep within our minds.

If, and only if, 
we have gone through this before,
 we will know what to do.
...... .but ...... ..
if we don’t know what to do,
This time, 
is our chance to solve and get it right
 for the next time.
Never forget,
 life is a puzzle
 that our existent here, is to
 continually solve to keep going,
Oh MY!

written by Issa G aug 2019

What! it’s November!



So many plans so little time

I feel like the White Rabbit

running and racing

running and racing

time is my only competition.

I actually had a 50th

birthday this year and it passed

with out celebration


New Life New Leaf

I have stepped 

through the looking-glass without


Drop it & Stop it


Begin again.

Life is coming at me so fast

like waves crashing against

the rocks with a fierce



That I am able to

keep up with it all.

New life New age

New business

New language

New rules

New New New New



shhhhhh i love the unexpected.


written by Issa 2018

If you are not who you say you are or you believe to be, then Who Are You?


With a casual mind, ask yourself.

Are you who you say you are?

Subconscious or Conscious, that is the question!


Growing up as a young child having a Monkey Mind that is extremely busy, I would actually ask my self this. Maybe it stems from always getting into trouble and having an adult ask me, “Child, what were you thinking?” or “Think before you act or speak.” 

I did not like myself very much as a child and truly wanted to be anyone but who I was, so I submerged myself into my books of fairy tales. I was always the princess being saved by the handsome prince. As I got older I needed not to be saved but I needed to do the saving, so I wanted to be a superhero with powers. 

So in my teens I came up with:

My religion is my own, it’s called Issaizm.
There are only a few rules:
– Treat others how you want to be treated
– Try to respect the life you have.
-Try and be helpful to friends and strangers.
-Try to be as honest as you can be.
-Try to meet and respect as many people who are different from yourself, this is where true learning and self-building comes from.
-Don’t expect help from those you help.
YES you do see the word “Try” a lot in the rules because we can only try. I do believe in Manifestation / Prayer / Chanting. This is where free will comes into the picture and this is easy for most everyone. But for it to work, this is where a few of the above rules come into play. Our subconscious mind is powerful more so than our conscious mind.

I can “say” I am happy for my friend who found love finally. (conscious mind)
But if the Subconscious mind is saying, “Why her not me” you are defeating yourself.
Your subconscious should be saying, “When it is time, I will meet the right person”

This has taken me a tremendous amount of work throughout my lifetime so far and in my late 40’s I can answer the question above in this manner.

I don’t know if I am who I say I am but I believe to be I am.

I can actually say that I am living a life of my own design finally and is always trying to better myself by learning from others. To hopefully have the best life possible.

And be Casual.