A passport to my brain is needed.

Image 4-1-17 at 9.52 AM

I need to know your destination, when you are speaking to me.

Where would you like to fly to, in my web-like brain, to seek conversation?

Certain places in there, all you need is an I.D. and other places you just need to show up and be present.

You need a passport to enter the forbidden areas, so I know, that you know, of the risked you will be taking, when entering.

This is a place of consciousness, realness the bandage of fantasy will be ripped off when entering.

So have your passports ready and open to your photo as you pass thought the gates of my brain.


The Call for a Blessing


 I have travelled far from the safety of my nest that I call home. In this land that I have come to, I feel so much PAIN. I want to

remove the meaningless and make the meaningful 

 This is the second morning in a row that I have woken up at the hour of the Veil, 4am is the hour that I call the Veil because it’s the time when I feel the two worlds can communicate. I have such a deep need to talk to the spiritual world and ask that this pain that is here is, lightened and some how taken away so that my these people I love can live and grow.

There is so much love, I see it between them. But there is a terrible Pain & Anger that they both feel, within. Not for anything that they have done to each other, it’s just rooted and grown on its own from a terrible tragedy.  The Pain & Anger is deep within them and it is choking them like a terrible vine that is starting to shut out the light.


I now think to myself about Heaven & Hell and a thought came to mind that perhaps Heaven is happiness and peace of mind & spirit. Hell is anger & pain that can consume us.


At this hour of the Veil, I have asked with eyes full of tears that this Hell is lifted for these two beautiful beings and that a light can be shown to guide them to happiness and peace of mind. Please, Please Protect them and let the Love shine over them with Warmth, Light, Love and Peace. These two beings so deserve this because they are so beautiful.


written by Issa